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Lawyer Burgas - English  Адвокат Бургас - български

8 "Baba Ganka" Square
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
FAX:: +359 56 824471
Tel.: +359 56 823009
GSM: +359 888 658545


Lawyer Teodor Kebejiev is an expert in the fields of civil law - law of estate, obligation law, family law, heritage law, company law and business law. Due to the partnership with the Spanish Law office Martinez-Echevarria-Perez-Ferrero Abogados he has rich experience with foreign clients, investing in real estate or starting new business in Bulgaria.

Advocate Kebejiev offers the following legal services:

  • Registration of various juridical persons - court registration of sole proprietors and companies, branches, etc.
  • The law office registers alterations in the status of business subjects, their transformation and reorganization, acquisition of share participation, and joint-stock capital, etc.
  • In the sphere of real estate, the office renders a full set of services, mostly to foreign clients.
  • Lawyer Kebejiev has specialized in lawsuits in the spheres of law of estate, obligation law, family law, heritage law, etc. (Please find detail information about legal services here.)

In his busines relations Attorney Kebejiev is led by the principles of correctness, discretness and strict keeping of the official secrets. Lawyer Kebejiev is a member of Burgas Bar Association.

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